Philippines: The Philippines is defined by its emerald rice fields, teeming megacities, graffiti-splashed jeepneys, smouldering volcanoes, bug-eyed tarsiers, fuzzy water buffalo and smiling happy-go-lucky people.

Popular Attractions

Boracay : The centre of the action is dreamy White Beach, a 4km, postcard-perfect stretch of sand lined from one end to the other with hotels, restaurants, bars and dive shops several blocks deep.. After perfect sunsets, live music breaks out, and fire dancers twirl their batons. The party goes on all night. This can be great fun and easily occupy your entire visit. Grab that Weng Weng cocktail, sink into your waterfront beanbag chair and just marvel at the spectacle of it all.

Some Famous Attractions :

  • Bulabog Beach
  • Cagban Beach
  • Mount Luho
  • Boracay Surf Side
  • Red Pirates
  • Banyugan Beach

Angeles : Angeles City Philippines has everything except beaches. Though dubbed as the entertainment capital of Luzon, Angeles City Philippines offers more than just bars and nightclubs , this is sure a must visit place when touring Philippines.

Some Famous Attractions :

  • Zoocobia Fun zoo
  • Fontana Leisure park and Casino
  • Dinosaur land
  • Paradise Ranch
  • Nayong Pilipino Clark
  • Clark Museum
  • Kapampangan Museum

Manila : Manila’s moniker, the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, couldn’t be more apt – its unappealing shell reveals its jewel only to those resolute enough to pry. No stranger to hardship, the city has endured every disaster humans and nature could throw at it, and yet today the chaotic metropolis thrives as a true Asian megacity. Skyscrapers pierce the hazy sky, mushrooming from the grinding poverty of expansive shanty towns, while gleaming malls foreshadow Manila’s brave new air-conditioned world. The congested roads snarl with traffic, but, like the overworked arteries of a sweating giant, they are what keeps this modern metropolis alive.

Some Famous Attractions :

  • Rizal Park
  • Manila Ocean Park
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • Fort Santiago
  • San Agustin Church
  • National Museum
  • Star City
  • Quezon Memorial Cycle
  • City Of Dreams Manila
  • Coconut Palace
  • Baywalk
  • Baluarte de San Diego

Mount Pinatubo : With jarring landscapes, dramatic canyons, and snaking rivers, formerly nondescript Mt. Pinatubo, is a sight to behold, its scenery much magnified taking into account its fairly recent turbulent history.

Cebu : Cebu is the hub around which the Visayas revolve. It is the most densely populated island in the Philippines and is second only to Luzon in its strategic and economic importance to the country. This is one of the most prosperous regions in the country

Some Famous Attractions :

  • Mactan
  • Santo Niño Basilica
  • Cebu Taoist Temple
  • Casa Gorordo Museum
  • Temple of Leah
  • Sky Experience Adventure
  • Tops Lookout
  • Tree Shade Spa
  • Casino Filipino
  • CEBU Ocean Park

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Activities In Philippines


One of the best assets of Philippines is its 7,000 islands, edged by white sand buffering turquoise waters filled with some of the world's most diverse marine life. And most of them are relatively unexplored.


Religion is arguably one of the biggest cultural traits of the Philippines with an estimated 80-plus percent of Filipinos identifying with Roman Catholic faith. 


 With more than 7000 tropical islands to choose from, the Philippines are a beach lovers  delight. There's an island to suit every taste, from marooned slicks of sand in the middle of the ocean, to volcanic fantasy-scapes ,which makes cruising a must do activity during the trip.


Philippines nightlife is reputed all around the world. Most people who come to the Philippines inevitably end up on stage at some point. The natives are great fans of performance and make use of the many karaoke joints across the country to showcase their talents and passion for dance and music.


With more than 7,000 islands and a colorful history, this archipelago has some delicious dishes of its own. Blessed with an abundance of seafood, tropical fruits and creative cooks, there's more to Filipino food than the mind-boggling balut (duck embryo).

Water Sports

If you want a different adventure or a thrilling experience, the Philippines has its all splashing sports that will peak your interest. Water sports offer a good exercise and excitement that will make you appreciate and love the nature that is full with wonderful islands and a great variety of sea creatures.