Goa located on India’s west coast. Goa is India’s richest state and ranked on top for its infrastructure and best quality of life in India. Goa (Go Goa) is known for its striking landscape, famous beaches in India, astounding monuments and churches and bustling Goa nightlife. Goa is one of the most visited tourist places in India, especially on weekends. Goa is a land that redefines holidays, with its exquisite mix of sun, surf, and beaches; Goa has become the ultimate tourist destination. There are some main attractions of goa:

Popular Attractions

Fort Aguada: It is the most important place in Goa and the most crucial of all forts in Goa. It is a fine example of Portuguese Architecture. A part of the Fort Aguada has been converted into a jail during Salazar administration. This largest jail of Goa is closed for public gaze and has a statue which depicts Goa's fight for freedom.

The Church of Mae De Deus at Saligao: This church is a fine example of gothic architecture. It enshrines the statue of Ma de Deus the literal translation of which is Mother of Goa. The statue was transferred to Saligao church from the convent at Old Goa.

Mapusa Town: It is a town of Goa. It is well known for its weekly Friday bazaar where you can buy an extremely wide variety of items.

Mangueshi Temple: This Temple is more than 400yrs old. A highlight of this temple is the multi- storied lamp tower.

Basilica of Bom Jeus: The sacred relics of the patron saint of Goa St. Francis Xavier are kept here. It is one of the world heritage monument.

Colva Beach: Famous as the longest beach in goa. The beach provides plenty of opportunities for shell collectors.

Vagator Beach: Vagator beach with cracked rocks surrounding the beach makes it an irresistible sight for the visitor.

Calangute Beach: It is known as the queen of Goa’s beaches. Here, you can enjoy water sports activities and paragliding.

Dona Paula Beach: This beach is close to Panjim is well known for its water scottering facilities. A good view of the Marmagoa harbor can be had from here. This is a very scenic location and a popular venue for film shoots.

River Cruise along Mandovi River: Cruise along the river Mandovi and the same time you can take a glimpse of Goa’s varied culture. Lovely traditional song and dance live performances will entertain you on board.

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Activities in Goa


Beautiful ones, and Goa has lots of them! You will fall in love with the endless scenic coastline of Goa.


Connect with your spiritual self or admire the immaculate architecture. The churches in Goa are not just of religious significance, they’re also archaeological marvels.


Cashew Nuts in all flavors (spicy, salty, colored, coated with chick flour etc.), handicrafts, spices (cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper), wooden carvings.


The fun never stops in Goa. Enjoy night-long beach parties with thumping music to get you grooving.


Seafood, coconut milk, rice, and local spices are main ingredients of Goan cuisine. Use of kokum is another distinct feature.

Water Sports

This one is for the adventurers. Goa’s beaches showcase some of the most exhilarating water sports.